Injured and Orphaned Wildlife




IOW is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, permitted by the State of California Department of Fish and Game, and the U.S. Department of the Interior. We became incorporated in 1987.

We are located in and mainly serve the Santa Clara Valley.  We also receive wildlife calls from outside our home area and occasionally from out of state.   Over 85% of the wildlife we care for is brought to us because of some unfortunate impact by man. 

By caring for and treating animals in our homes, we are able to keep costs down. Volunteers do not receive a salary or compensation for their time.  However, funding is needed for food, special formulas, cages, outside enclosures, medicine and occasional veterinary care.  Such care can sometimes extend into months.

We care for wildlife 365 days a year. With our hands-on specialized care approach, we feel that a higher percentage of animals are released back into the wild. Thanks to private donations from individuals and support from PG&E, we are able to do so.

Mission Statement:
Rehabilitating wildlife in homes around the clock for successful return to the wild.
Bush Tits
Bush Tits - 12 days later
Marbled Godwit - stabilizing wing fracture
"5 0'clock shadow" squirrels